Material capacity

Product quality is the primary goal for the company's brand platform, so right from the aggregate input at the station, always be carefully monitored from the supply of reputable partners in the market, to bring The best quality for the product when delivered to the project and customers. With aggregate characteristics (sandstone) - cement - additives - water source as follows:

- The area contains sand aggregate rock with a total area of over: 6000 m2. Imported from full-scale Phu Giao stone and Dau Tieng sand supply for continuous bulk flow.

- Cement comes from the Fico brand including 3 xilo system per silo containing 100 tons.

- Additives used for products with the prestigious Lotus and Basf brands on the market, each contain up to 6000 liters

- The water is taken from a large 300-well pits and in parallel is a water source.


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